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Boosting Fertility

Boosting fertility through the use of medicines, chemicals and doctors is a path taken by many. Some others may choose a less clinical route, or use methods in which more homeopathic avenues are explored in tandem with more mainstream medical approaches.

Beware of Fertility Reproductive Hazards

There are many options which both women and men may choose. One area you may have overlooked is hobbies and other daily activities. Certain hobbies can expose you to reproductive hazards. Hobbies that involve painting, whether you are painting fences, graffiti or portraits, can affect you via an array of chemicals such as paint and other solvents. Crafting pottery or making stained glass, or handling, shooting, or cleaning guns may also cause problems. These can expose you to lead or other heavy metals. Activities that involve building models, refinishing furniture, repairing cars, or using strippers, degreasers, or non-water-based glues or paints can expose you to organic solvents. Do you garden or live and work on a farm? Be aware that exposure to some pesticides could affect the fertility of women and men alike. Biking may be great exercise but studies have shown that sitting on a bike saddle for long periods can lessen the blood flow to your genitals. This can also lead to erection problems.

Eat Right for Fertility Success

Of course the things we eat affect all our physiological and mental systems as well. It takes good clean fuel to run an engine efficiently. Like everything else about fertility success can depend on the choices we make. They say milk does a body good. And when it comes to fertility health, that seems to be true. When it comes to milk do not skim over it. That is to say keep it whole. Whole milk contains fat-soluble hormones that appear to be important for fertility and the skimming process destroys them. There is a marked improvement in fertility among women who drink whole milk compared with those who drink 1% or skim. Remember your fertility-friendly fats. Keeping healthy fats in your diet, and cutting out the unhealthy ones is an important step to improved fertility. Mono- and polyunsaturated fats reduce inflammation and are good for fertility. Unhealthy trans fats contained in hydrogenated oils found in many baked goods, crackers and cookies promote inflammation and insulin resistance. Getting rid of trans fats and replacing them with mono- and polyunsaturated fats is a great way to improve your overall health and fertility. Cut down on meat by eating less red meat and choosing leaner protein sources like fish, turkey, chicken breast or pork chops. Eat vegetable proteins including beans, nuts, seeds and tofu.

Exercise Affects Fertility Rates

Exercise, or the lack of it, can also greatly affect fertility rates. While working out is important, do not overdo it. "Very vigorous exercise can affect ovulation, and thereby disrupt menstrual cycles," says Jessica Scotchie, a reproductive endocrinologist practicing in Chattanooga, Tenn. "The pituitary gland interprets the strenuous exercise as meaning that this is not an optimal time to further stress the body with reproduction, and thus shuts down the signaling to the ovary to promote ovulation." A study published in March in Fertility and Sterility revealed that it seems that less-intensive exercises like leisurely cycling, walking, and gardening are good for everyone. The Fertility and Sterility study showed a slight increase in fertility rates in women of all body types who engaged in moderate activities for any length of time. When it comes to fertility and exercise perhaps we should feel warmth and not the burn.

Emotional States Affect Fertility

How we think and feel affects all aspects of our lives all day, every day. A positive mental and emotional outlook is always beneficial and not surprisingly is key as a further aid to fertility. High levels of depression, anxiety, and stress can affect the hormones that regulate ovulation. This could make it difficult for a woman to become pregnant. Think good thoughts. Positive affirmations will support you through the process of conception by helping you to get rid all the mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your desire to become pregnant. It is very important to understand that you can turn positive and encouraging thoughts into action. Several studies indicate that cognitive behavioral group psychotherapy and support groups decrease stress and mood symptoms. They also increase fertility rates. Best of all they are helpful to both women and men.

Take Control of Your Own Fertility

Help in your quest to conceive can come from many sources, the most reliable being you yourself. Drink more water. Water creates plump egg follicles and a strong blood supply to the womb lining. If you are dehydrated, your cervical fluid – the stuff that helps the sperm find the egg – will be sluggish. Lay off the caffeine. Experts tell us that caffeine may reduce the activity of the Fallopian tube muscles, which carry the eggs from the ovaries. Keep your fish fishy. Some studies show omega-3s, which can be found in oily fish, such as salmon and in linseed, may reduce risk of miscarriage and improve sperm quality. Do what it takes to be a baby-maker. Chances of conception go up from 15% for couples having sex once a week to 50% for couples having sex three to four times a week.

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