Improving Chances of Conception 5 Things to Avoid

Oh what a hopeful web we weave, when first we practice to conceive. If you and your partner have decided that now is the right time to have a baby you will certainly need more than hope to get you started. Candlelight, flowers and soft music may set the mood but there is a lot you can do to increase your odds of starting a new life from within. Want to stack the deck in your favor? Here is some advice you can put to good use.

Avoid Popular Vaginal Lubricants for Conception

Sometimes a slip-up can be a good thing. Vaginal lubricants are often used by couples who are having sex more often in an attempt to increase the odds of her becoming pregnant. Doctors say this is fine so long as you choose your lube carefully. Some lubricants can have spermicidal agents so read the label carefully. Soap is great for staying clean and is slippery, but it may contain chemicals that irritate the urethra and kill sperm cells. Some lubes may not kill sperm but if the lubricant is water-based it will likely impair the sperm cell's motility (swimming ability). Sperm motility may be reduced by 60% to 100% by popular brands such as Touch, KY Jelly and Astroglide. Much better choices include canola oil and peanut oil. Do not forget the old stand-by, saliva.

Avoid Pesticides for Conception

When was the last time you attended a chemistry class? Here are some facts to learn to make sure you will not get a failing grade on your pregnancy test. Both men and women's fertility can be compromised by being around pesticides. This is especially true of agricultural pesticides. Let somebody else spray for potato bugs. Dry cleaners and printing businesses often use toxins and solvents that can negatively affect fertility as well. These are areas well avoided when you are trying to conceive.

Avoid Caffeine for Conception

Some people just cannot seem to get going in the morning until they have their coffee. If you are one of them keep it down to a couple of cups a day. Heavier coffee consumption - around five cups a day - gives your system a jolt of around 500 milligrams of caffeine. Such caffeine overindulgence has been linked with lower fertility.

Avoid Alcohol for Conception

Now that we have covered morning drinks we will move on to nightcaps. Moderate alcohol consumption has not been shown to adversely affect fertility. Howver, in one study a drop in fertility of nearly 60% was noted in women who drank two alcoholic beverages a day. Of course, once you become pregnant you will have to cut off drinking alcohol entirely. Serious birth defects can result from drinking while pregnant.

Avoid Smoking for Conception

Butt out! Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body in many, many ways. Not surprisingly it can seriously impair both a woman's and a man's fertility. The uterus is much less receptive to the egg in women who smoke. Tobacco use in men can damage DNA and reduce sperm production. Worst of all the risk of miscarriage is seriously increased by smoking. Time to clear the air.

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