Birthing Classes

They say that nothing changes your life quite like having a child. If you are just beginning to makes plans to start a family or have recently discovered that you are pregnant you are about to find out all about change. From employment situations to health and fitness routines to lifestyle choices, anything and everything might be up for modification. Babies bring with them special needs and requirements and your life will soon reflect the changes that this new life brings. As with any new venture or experience in your life it is always best to prepare and educate yourself as best you can. The best time to begin doing this is now...after all, when it comes to living life little ones keep their own schedule, and yours will soon have to be adjusted to keep up with theirs.

As soon as you look at that little plastic stick and see those double bars or that plus sign you know it is game on. Time to clear the decks and get ready to set sail. Most importantly you want to give your baby a healthy start. Start by eliminating the negative. If you smoke and drink, stop. If you love junk food, you are going to have to give it up for a while (maybe from now on) for the good of your baby. Any bad habit or bad nutrition choice is now also going to affect your little one, far better to be a healthy mom so you can pass that good health on to your baby.

You are going to get to know what your doctor's office looks like much better from now on. You will have to schedule and keep regular visits with your healthcare provider. Your baby and you will benefit greatly from these prenatal care sessions. Your doctor will have plenty to tell you about proper nutrition, beneficial exercises, the growth and development of your baby, and potential issues you may encounter with your pregnancy. You will be prescribed prenatal vitamins and be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, and you will be advised to get plenty of sleep and be otherwise well-rested.

If you work it is best to give your employer plenty of time to schedule maternity leave if you feel you need it and your company offers it. You may also need time off after your baby is born for doctor visits, newborn parenting classes or adjustment time to better bond with and care for your infant. You will want to check out what childcare benefits your employer may offer such as daycare for the future or children's health insurance. Find out what policies the company has regarding time off for attending school functions or summer break and recreational activities for kids.

How ready is your home to play host to a new tenant? You will find that babies soon become toddlers. Long before little Miley begins to crawl across the carpet and tries to climb the entertainment center you want to make sure the house is babyproofed. What looks to you like a neat, clean and well-organized home can be a hazardous obstacle course when a curious, active child is added to the mix. Scope your place out and think about it. What might the little one find that is within reach? What looks tempting? If you could crawl, toddle, or walk where would you do it? As the child grows you will have to reevaluate frequently, looking for new places that might have been unreachable only days ago. You will have to carefully put away and lock up every potential poison or other hazard. Safety first!

Throughout the many changes you will encounter in your life to come it may help if you see the things that happen, even the mistakes you may make, as learning experiences. No one is born knowing everything and we, like our children, are often figuring it out as we go. Always remember that there is plenty of help out there and that parenting is not something that just started when you became one. Benefit from the advice and experiences of parents you know. Starting with you own may be your smartest move yet.

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